Nick Cannon Confirms Baby No. 11 in Photoshoot With Alyssa Scott

Following his son’s passing, Nick also praised Alyssa, who is also a mom to 4-year-old daughter Zeela from a previous relationship, for her strength during the grieving process.

“Zen’s mom, Alyssa, was just the strongest woman I’ve ever seen,” the 42-year-old shared on his former talk show. “Never had an argument, never was angry. Was emotional when she needed to be, but always the best mom and continues to be the best mom.”

This past summer, Alyssa opened up about how she was coping with the loss of her son.

“I can’t believe it’s been a year since what I thought would be a quick doctor visit turned into a 5 day hospital stay,” Alyssa wrote on Instagram Aug. 12. “I will never be the same. My body feels it. I’ve been on the verge of tears the last few days. Trying to keep a forward momentum.”

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