Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket “Bigi” Jackson Is All Grown Up in Rare Interview

Michael Jackson‘s son Bigi is not a little kid anymore. 

Despite shying away from public life, the 19-year-old, formerly nicknamed Blanket, is back in the spotlight. The 19-year-old teenager, who goes by the name Bigi now, appeared in a rare interview with Good Morning Britain on Monday, Nov. 1. Throughout the conversation, Bigi toured a room filled with this dad’s memorabilia, reflecting on the performer’s legacy 12 years after his sudden death. 

“There’s a lot of really cool stuff here,” Bigi, whose older siblings are Prince Jackson and Paris Jackson, said. “I think there’s a lot of history in this house and studio here. And that’s what he was all about and that’s just kind of what each of us want to do…make things that people hopefully enjoy, but also can benefit their lives.”

On Oct. 28, Prince also spoke to Good Morning Britain about what their father instilled in him and his siblings.

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