Math Hoffa Addresses Podcast Fallout, Denies REVOLT Gave Him $2.7M

Math Hoffa has responded to rumors alleging that the rift between he and former My Expert Opinion co-hosts Esso and Hynaken was caused by a pending multi-million dollar deal.

Joe Budden reached out to Hoffa during a recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast to address the allegation first presented by Esso in an Instagram post on October 28.

The multi-image post included a composite photo of Math Hoffa, former co-hosts Esso and Hynaken and the show’s former producer Spaceghost, with a caption reading: “Math Hoffa Signs $2.7M Deal?” In the post’s caption, Esso insinuated that the deal had been inked with REVOLT.

“I’m sorry to inform you,” Math Hoffa told Budden during the call. “I saw the same headlines that you did and I said, ‘Oh shit, say word!’ I went and checked my bank account, and it wasn’t there. I’m looking for it. REVOLT never talked to me about no 2.7. Where’s it coming from?”

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He did confirm that the network has expressed interest in My Expert Opinion, but that the interest did not necessarily extend to his co-hosts.

“I’ll be honest with you, every meeting that I sat down in, the team was never brought up,” Math Hoffa said. “I had to fight for the team. If you talk to anybody I sat down with: I’m always fighting for the team. But sometimes money, or the suspicion of money, changes people around you before it even has a chance to change you. And what we’re seeing is a classic example of n-ggas pocket watching imaginary pockets.”

HipHopDX‘s request for a statement from REVOLT was not immediately answered.

During his brief appearance on the Joe Budden Podcast, Hoffa also stated that Esso and Hynaken had left the show long before the rift went public to launch their own interview-style podcast; which he said was a violation of their contract with him.

He added that his attempts to address and resolve the situation went without a response from the duo for over a month.

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Following Esso’s post — to which Math Hoffa responded with an IG statement of his own — he, Hynaken and Spaceghost went into further detail about the alleged incidents that led to their departure from the show on their BagFuel podcast.

In addition to complaints about not being properly credited for their contributions to My Expert Opinion, the split was also impacted by financial discrepancies. But Hynaken stated in no uncertain terms that they did not choose to walk away from the show.

“I enjoyed what we were doing,” Esso added. “We were doing something that was never ever done before; it was a cultural movement. But then when you add money to cultural movements, everybody can’t take making the money. Imma just say it for what other people don’t wanna say: he signed a contract for money and he don’t wanna pay us.”

Esso went on to explain that he was the first to be offered a deal with REVOLT, which he then brought to the My Expert Opinion team. While that deal fell through, a second opportunity was presented to Math Hoffa directly.

He maintains that both he and Hynaken are owed payment for the last two episodes in which they appeared.

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