Mark Ruffalo Praises 16-Year-Old Daughter Bella With Rare Photo

Mark Ruffalo is marveling at how fast his little girl has grown up.

On Sunday, Aug. 8, The Avengers actor shared a rare photo of his 16-year-old daughter Bella, who wore her hair in short curls under a beanie for the Kodak moment. He captioned the pic, “My daughter, Bella, so big and beautiful and coming into her own.”

Amy Schumer recalled a prior encounter with the teen in a comment, writing, “I remember meeting her and thinking f–k yes this is a cool original person.”

Bella is the middle child of the Ruffalo family. Her older brother Keen recently turned 20, meriting a congratulatory Instagram post from the Hulk himself. “Happy Birthday, Keeno! 20 years to heaven. I’m so grateful you are are my boy. I held you in my arms like a treasure. I hold you in my heart like a treasure,” the proud dad wrote on June 20. “Keep growing. Keep pushing yourself. Nothing worth a damn in life is easy. Proud of you son.”

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