Love Is Blind’s Giannina Gibelli Reveals What Really Went Down Between Her and Francesca Farago

Giannina continued, “When I was talking to [Francesca], I didn’t know if she was just really out of the loop, or she was just trying to be nice to me, but I felt like she was getting mixed signals too. You just wanted to get down to the bottom of it. It just felt really off to me.” 

The Love Is Blind star stood by her warning to Francesca (“I’m also going to let someone know if they’re getting a little too close if they shouldn’t be”), but G is done with Damian once and for all.

“I’m officially single,” Giannina proudly announced. “You heard it here first! I feel really good about it. I’m happy, I’ve been just kind of traveling, living my life, living a nomad life and just seeing where the world is going to take me next.” 

And let’s just say, she has here eye on the ball when it comes to her next man: “Someone said I should go for a soccer player,” Giannina teased. “So any soccer players who are European and can handle a little spice, I love watching football.” 

Watch the full interview above!

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