Lil Bibby Reveals How He Tricked Hackers To Prevent Juice WRLD’s ‘In My Head’ From Leaking

Lil Bibby laid a small trap to trick hackers into not leaking Juice WRLD’s latest posthumous song, “In My Head,” which arrived on Friday (October 28).

The Grade A Productions head uploaded a 30-second snippet of the track under the name “Rush Hour” to streaming services earlier this week. In an Instagram post on Wednesday (October 26), Bibby revealed the fake song title was a deliberate effort to deceive hackers, who have leaked hundreds of Juice WRLD tracks in the past.

“Over 1500 songs of yours Leaked… Been hard going through and finding new songs and listening to old ones,” he wrote. “Max Lord pulled up to the studio in Malibu and played me a few songs that no one has ever heard!

“This one is called ‘In My Head’ (easily one of my favorites). I’ve been playing it in the car non stop from a flash drive lol. No More Leaks!! #New #JuiceWRLD ‘In My Head’ We Miss You and Love You 4L.”

Lil Bibby uncovered his master plan in the comments section, writing: “We used the code name ‘Rush Hour’ to prevent hackers from leaking the song early. The Real name is ‘In My Head.’”

While the posthumous song adds to Juice WRLD’s legacy, fans are continuing to make sure the late rapper’s catalog remains a dominating force in the streaming world.

The Chicago native made history in the afterlife when he became the first artist to have four albums sell over 500,000 units in 2022, it was announced earlier this month.

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“The goal in life is not to live forever but to create something that will. – Juice WRLD,” Lil Bibby wrote on Twitter celebrating the achievement for his late friend, who passed away from an overdose-induced seizure in 2019.

Listen to “In My Head” below.

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