Lil Baby Gets Public Apology Over Fake $400K Watch – & New Jewels

Lil Baby is real particular about his jewelry. At one point, the rapper and his Back Outside tour mate Lil Durk shut down an Atlanta jewelry store to pick out their favorite new pieces.

New York-based jeweler Rafaello & Co. recently came under fire from the Atlanta rapper after he alleged they sold him a Patek Philippe watch valued at $400,000. However, the watch turned out to be a fake. Naturally, the jeweler to the stars took to Instagram on Friday (September 17) to make good on the issue and formally apologize for the fake watch.

“I personally want to apology to Lil Baby for not doing my due diligence when selling him the Patek watch,” the company wrote. “I should’ve inspected the watch after purchasing it from the dealer. I take full responsibility for not doing my job properly. I personally would NEVER knowingly sell him or anyone else anything that is not 100% authentic.”

The move also came with four new finger rings for Lil Baby, crafted specifically to fit his 4 Pockets Full mantra and lifestyle.

Lil Baby Gets Mad After Being Scammed For ‘$400K’ Watch – Days After Lil Durk’s Advice

The ordeal arrived just days after Durk warned rappers to be wary of the ice they buy as jewelers are looking to make a sale, not gift people authentic goods.

In his Instagram Stories on Monday (September 13), Durk made it plain in a message to his fellow artists.

“Stop buying all this jewelry without knowing what you doing,” Durk wrote. “Alot of the shit fake and some is over priced get 1 jeweler and stick to em I’m telling you y’all ass gone be pissed when the truth come out.”

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