Lil Baby Gets Mad After Being Scammed For ‘$400K’ Watch – Days After Lil Durk’s Advice

Buying an expensive item on the resale market is always a shaky proposition, even for celebrities. Lil Baby recently purchased what he believed to be a rare 40th anniversary Patek Phillipe watch which he recently flexed on Instagram as the newest addition to his lucrative collection.

Watch savants began examining the limited-edition watch and warned Lil Baby that he may have paid upwards of a rumored $400,000 for fake bling. A Fake Watch Buster Instagram page was on the case and let Baby hear about his scamming mishap.

Once the Atlanta native got wind of being swindled and publicly embarrassed, he took to Instagram to vent his frustrations with the Swiss watch company for not having him on a direct-to-consumer list that is usually reserved for their most valued customers.

“@Patekphillipe See this is why I need to be on the list,” the 4PF rapper wrote. “Aftermarket jewelers going to make me do something I shouldn’t be doing.”

While Lil Baby looks to right the wrongs of his faux purchase, Lil Durk sent out a warning earlier this week for people to be wary of buying fake jewelry pieces. The Voice of the Heroes collaborators are close friends and currently on the Back Outside Tour together so there’s a chance Durk’s message could’ve been related to Lil Baby’s situation.

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“Stop buying all this jewelry without knowing what you doing,” Durk wrote on his Instagram Story. “Alot of the shit fake and some is overpriced. Get 1 jeweler and stick to em I’m telling you y’all ass gone be pissed when the truth come out.”

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