L.A. County Renews Mask Mandate for Outdoor ‘Mega Events’

Per L.A. County, an “outdoor mega-event” is one that hosts upwards of 10,000 people in one location. “These events are considered higher risk for COVID-19 transmission,” and the owners and operators of such events are charged with enforcing the policy.

The order clarifies recommendations and states that individuals must always wear a face mask “except while eating or drinking, which is the limited time during which the mask can be removed briefly to eat or drink, after which it must be immediately put back on. Patrons, customers or guests must be seated at a table or positioned at a stationary counter, ticketed seat or place while actively eating or drinking indoors, or while actively eating or drinking at an outdoor mega event.”

The news comes as the county reported on Monday that five more residents have died from the virus, with 2,426 new cases and 1,653 patients currently hospitalized. The full order can be found here.

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