Kodak Black Spooks Druski By Turning Into A ‘Super Gremlin’ During Instagram Live

Kodak Black had some fun with Druski on Instagram Live on Tuesday night (October 18), and the comedian wasn’t too fond of what was happening.

Druski played the role of the shady CEO of his fictional record label, Coulda Been Records, and was on the hunt for new talent to add to his roster.

At one point, Kodak Black joined the IG Live, and things were going smoothly until he started tapping into his “Super Gremlin” powers.

During their conversation, the light in Yak’s room began flickering on and off as the Florida native ominously declared: “I’m a nightmare baby. Super Gremlin. Voodoo baby.”

Druski was spooked by Kodak’s behavior and pleaded with the rapper to cut it out. “Wait, why is it blinking black and white?” he asked, growing concerned. “Aye Kodak, come on, man. Don’t do that now. Chill, chill, chill. Aye Kodak, it’s me, bruh! I’m joking, bro.”

Kodak Black’s cameo wasn’t the only highlight during Druski’s Instagram Live. NBA YoungBoy also hopped on the call, which many fans were surprised to see after his team threatened the comedian over a joke about the rapper’s baby mother and fiancée, Jazlyn Mychelle.

YoungBoy appeared on the call rocking a black balaclava and smoking a cigarette. Druski offered him a not-so-favorable deal to join Coulda Been Records, but the Baton Rouge hitmaker wasn’t so keen to sign on the dotted line.

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“Look, we got a position down here, you could be the CEO,” Druski pitched YoungBoy while still in character. “With the type of person you are, man, I’m telling you, dawg, we could take over the world together. How does the money sound, if we do, like, a 80/20?”

YoungBoy asked: “80 my way?” to which Druski replied with a laugh: “No, no… See, down here at Coulda Been Records, things are flopping a different way, you follow me? 20’s still a good number, though! I could probably do 70/30, your favor.”

“I’m gonna get back at you on that,” was the 22-year-old’s response.

21 Savage, Snoop Dogg and Super Bowl champion Antonio Brown also joined the Coulda Been Records Instagram Live and the comedy continued as Druski tried to sign each one.

Druski may not have been successful in his latest recruitment drive, however, he snapped up a star back in June when Quavo “signed” to the fictional imprint. In a clip shared on social media, Quavo and Druski were hanging out at an airport when they jokingly announced the Migos rapper was the first artist join the label.

Druski solidified the deal by giving Huncho a stack of “trap money.” “That’s the thing, I’m going tenth on the jet. I ain’t gonna go half with him on it,” the comedian joked before Quavo showed the cash advance in his hand, saying: “Look at what he gave me.”

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