Kendall Jenner Goes Giddy-Up With Sexy Toy Story Halloween Look

Do not show this to Andy.

On Oct. 29, Kendall Jenner shared an Instagram photo of herself dressed up as red-headed Toy Story cowgirl Jessie for Halloween 2022 and her costume will make you go, “Yodel-ay-ee-hoooo boy.” Putting a sexy, adult spin on the character’s outfit, the Kardashians star, who dyed her brunette hair red earlier this year, sported a crop top and chaps with denim shorts together with a cowboy hat.

The model captioned her post, “well aren’t you just the sweetest space toy,” quoting part of a line Jessie says in the 1999 Disney-Pixar animated movie Toy Story 2, where the character made her debut.

The hit film series, now spanning four movies, centers on a group of toys belonging first to a boy named Andy and later, after he leaves for college, a little girl named Bonnie.

Kendall received a slew of compliments over her Halloween costume.

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