Kate Hudson Admits She’s Been “Burned a Couple Times” for Being Too Trusting

Don’t give her a reason not to trust you. 

AppleTV+’s Truth Be Told star Kate Hudson revealed that she has had her ups and downs with trusting others. During a conversation with E! News’ Daily Pop correspondent Victor Cruz on Aug. 2, Hudson admitted that she can be a little too open when it comes to believing people.

“I trust until I can’t,” she explained, “until there’s a reason to not trust, whereas I think there’s a lot of people who don’t hold back until they can earn the trust. I’m sort of the opposite.”

The mother of three confessed that she has “been burned a couple of times” throughout her life. “But it’s fine,” she added. “I got to keep my secrets.” 

And there certainly are plenty of secrets onscreen between Hudson and co-star Octavia Spencer during the chilling season 2 trailer for Truth Be Told, premiering Friday, Aug. 20.

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