Kanye West Responds To Stephen Jackson After Disparaging Mother Of George Floyd’s Daughter

Kanye West has a response for Stephen Jackson after he called out the rapper with a video addressing the controversy surrounding his George Floyd comments.

The Chicago native shared his message via his Parler page and wasted no time letting Jackson know the deal regarding his comments towards George Floyd and his family.

“My name is Ye Stephen I gave 2 million to the family, then Roxie threatened to sue me because I gave a different perspective I been going light actually I got suspended from instagram for 30 days for my truth I’m a digital prisoner right now but If you keep talking ima keep talking if you shut the fuck up I’ll leave it alone,” Kanye wrote.

The message comes hours after Stephen Jackson fired back at Kanye over the weekend after more disparaging remarks towards Floyd’s family. Ye had initially hopped on Instagram to share a photo of Floyd’s baby mother, Roxie Washington — who’s suing Ye for $250 million — and going on a full-length rant against her.

According to Ye, Washington was “either being controlled” or “being greedy” for suing him when he did more than anyone for her and Floyd’s family. He also made fun of the hat she was wearing in the picture while also saying no one else would lift millions from their bank account and give it all to the family.

Jackson caught wind of the video and wasn’t having any parts of it. He demanded Ye stop mentioning his late friend and questioned the $2 million Ye claimed he donated to Floyd’s family.

“First off, Roxanne could care less what you think about her hat. That’s number one,” Jackson said in the clip. “We ain’t gon’ talk about that bullshit you be wearing and marking it up for your own people to pay for. But we ain’t gon’ talk about that. You say stupid shit, you get stupid prizes.

“Nobody asked you to say nothing about George Floyd, but you decided to say that on your own, so you gon’ pay the consequences. Roxanne was minding her business, Gianna was minding her business. Oh, and also, Roxanne and Gianna and the family is two different people. She don’t stand with the family and the family don’t stand with her. They had different lawyers during the whole court process.”

Jackson ended his statement by calling Kanye “delusional” for claiming he gave the family $2 million. According to Jackson, Floyd’s daughter Gianna received much less than that.

“Kanye delusional,” he said. “You didn’t give Gianna $2 million. She got $250,000 that they broken down through the families that Roxanne is giving back to you.”

This wasn’t the first time Stephen Jackson called out Kanye West. He took aim at the Chicago rap legend following his Drink Champs episode, where Ye claimed Floyd died from fentanyl and not from former officer Derek Chauvin pressing his knee against his neck for eight minutes.

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“It’s all noted,” he captioned the clip. “To say u a Legend in music @kanyewest it’s sad that u still gotta talk about other people lives to be relevant is wack. Its really sad u doing all this over some ‘Pussy.’ Tender dick ass n***a.”

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