Joyner Lucas Turns Karen Civil Wrath On Music Label Executive Steve Stoute

Joyner Lucas has appeared to reach the point of no return.

Not long after airing out Karen Civil’s alleged shady business practices on Friday (September 17), he’s now turned his wrath on longtime music executive Steve Stoute, who he says recently served him with a cease and desist over copyright infringement.

“After everything that transpired yesterday with #KarenCivil, it made me realize I been holding in a lot,” he wrote. “She’s small fry..How bout a guy who got over $100 mill to help serve artists with tech. $50 mil from @Apple just months ago. @SteveStoute and @unitedmasters you lame AF!

“You raised $50M from Apple to help artists & their careers @unitedmasters but you just paid lawyers thousands to send me (an INDEPENDENT ARTIST) a copyright infringement for saying the words ‘record label in your pocket,’ how are you acting any different then a major label?”

Joyner Lucas included screenshots of the cease and desist letter, which reads in part, “United Masters considers such use of the mark “RECORD LABEL IN YOUR POCKET a blatant violation of UnitedMasters’ rights.

“Not only is Tully App using the exact mark RECORD LABEL IN YOUR POCKET, but the RECORD LABEL IN YOUR POCKET mark is also being used in connection with goods and services that directly conflict and/or compete with the goods and/or services offered by UnitedMasters under the RECORD LABEL IN YOUR POCKET mark.”

Joyner Lucas Launches Twitter Onslaught Accusing Karen Civil Of Stealing $60K

It continues, “Tully App’s use of the mark RECORD LABEL IN YOUR POCKET is unauthorized and likely to cause confusion in the marketplace as to the source or sponsorship of the goods or services.”

The UnitedMaster’s app touts its services as “a record label in your pocket,” while Lucas has used something similar. Still, Lucas had questions and accused Stoute of buying the trademark to the phrase to stop his hustle.

“And @stevestoute don’t do that industry bs and say you had no idea legal did that,” he added. “You paid them thousands to send copyright infringement  letters to me. You spent thousands on legal just to register the trademark names to prevent independent artists to push the exact same narrative.”

Joyner ended with, “@UnitedMasters @SteveStoute I thought we was cool, we had meetings with you, gave you a demo of our software  to build an alliance to help artists. I made mistakes in my career and I’m tryna to pay forward and you n-ggaz is doing the same major label shit you preach against.

“I’m tired of n-ggaz playing wit me bro. I raised 10million for #Tullyapp and you raised over 100million for united masters and yet, I have more technology built than yal. THAT’S A FACT! So how and why is it that you n-ggaz is watching me and sending me letters and Shit? SMH lame.”

HipHopDX has reached out to Steve Stoute for comment.

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