Jonah Hill Shares Update on His Mental Health Journey

Jonah Hill is ready to show people his vulnerable side.

As the actor points out in the trailer for his upcoming Netflix documentary, Stutz, “How can I make a movie where I’m talking about people being vulnerable and working on their problems, and not be vulnerable myself?”

Directed by Hill, the film centers around his longtime friend and therapist Phil Stutz, whose visualization exercises have helped countless patients over the years—including the Superbad alum himself. In the movie’s first look, released on Oct. 24, Hill shares an in-depth look at his therapy sessions with Stutz, as well as how his personal mindset has changed since seeking mental health help.

“I’m just gonna acknowledge how odd this endeavor is: A patient making a movie about his therapist,” Hill tells Stutz. “But my life has gotten immeasurably better as a result of working with you. If it worked for me, maybe it will work for other people.”

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