Joe Budden Declares His Fashion Sense Untouchable After Sharing Gunna’s Wacky Outfit

New York, N.Y. – Joe Budden has repeatedly been clowned throughout his career for questionable outfit choices to the point there’s a Joe Budden Fits Instagram account with over 76,000 followers. The retired rapper defended his fashion decisions while going after Gunna’s eccentric New York Fashion Week fit on Wednesday (September 8).

As someone who represents the Drip Season series, Gunna’s fashion sense is daring as he rocked a Dior mesh netting top and leather pants with his knees exposed by having the top and bottom portions cut separately.

“I don’t wanna hear a word about my outfits ever again,” the podcast host wrote while defending himself.

Gunna is yet to respond to Budden’s remarks, but maybe he’s saving it for Drip Season 4, which he’s continually teased and should release before 2021 expires.

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Joe Budden probably shouldn’t expect a belated birthday gift courtesy of Gunna, who is a lavish gift giver. The Atlanta native blessed the Young Stoner Life boss Young Thug with a pink Bentley for his 30th birthday in August.

For now, listen to Gunna’s “9 TIMES OUTTA 10” below.

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