Jin Reveals That His Tour Essentials Include Some Angelic BTS Merch

Jin swung by the GQ offices to share the 10 things he can’t live without — including a BTS pajama set.

Showing off the “Good Day”-themed PJs, the K-pop star explained that the few possessions he requires when BTS hits the road are always the same: his computer, keyboard, mouse and the pajamas emblazoned with little cartoon angels, which he designed himself.

“When I planned to design pajamas, I just saw blue somewhere,” he said in Korean. “Or I saw something related to angels…I could’ve had a dream about angels, so I put angels into the design. Or maybe on my way to work, the color of the river was blue. So I use blue.

“I’m really bad at drawing,” the singer continued before admitting, “So I didn’t draw this myself. There are characters called TinyTAN. I thought, ‘What if we gave TinyTAN an angel look?’ Because they didn’t have that then. Should I have them be big on the clothes? Or I wondered if there should be a few small ones”

From there, Jin added the tiny harps and heart-shaped light sticks to his design. “All I did was give a lot of my opinions,” he insisted. “Big credit goes to the ones who helped make this.”

During the video, the idol also showed off his trusty Louis Vuitton bag with a Maplestory key ring featuring the character Pink Bean, a limited-edition Minions tennis bag and his Samsung Z Flip Thom Browne edition cell phone with BTS case — though Jin admitted he and his bandmates “don’t really text or call each other,” considering they see each other an estimated 360 days a year.

Jin just dropped “The Astronaut,” the emotional solo single he co-wrote with Coldplay, and its accompanying music video one week after surprise-releasing “Super Tuna,” “Abyss” and “Tonight” on streaming. Next, he’s set to be the first member of BTS to report for mandatory service in South Korea’s military.

Watch Jin gush over the 10 things he can’t live without below.

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