Jimmy Humilde on Corridos Tumbaos, Making Hits Via Social Media: ‘Latin Hitmaker’ Podcast

Here are nuggets from his conversation, and a link to the full episode, available now on all platforms:

1. On the meaning of “corrido tumbao:” A corrido tumbao is a state of mind, a way of dressing, acting. When I first asked Nata [Natanael Cano] what tumbao was, he said: “I am tumbao.” Before, corridos were listened to by fans with cowboy hats and boots. Today, you’ll see 13, 14 year old kids in Jordans listening to corriods tumbaos.

2. On how he became a fan of corridos: I fell in love with corridos when I was 14 years old because of Chalino Sánchez. He was the first person to sing a different style of corrido; ha corrido from the streets. I say the “streets” because he interpreted the new Mexican narcoculture. And he was to first to mention American cities in his corridos. I remember he mentioned Pomona in one of his songs, and he captured my heart.

3. On how partner Rocky Venegas came on board: Rocky is our third partner. We were talking and I said, “All right bro, if you want to come in, you gotta come in with some money.” He’s like, how much? I said $1,000. It was his rent money. But he invested a thousand dollars and became a partner.

4. On representing Mexican culture: We never had someone really representing our Mexican American culture. It was Tex Mex, Chicano. Now, everyone can identify with our music.

Listen to the full episode here:

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