Jimmie Allen’s 5-Week-Old Daughter Is “Breathing on Her Own” After Hospitalization

UPDATE: Jimmie Allen‘s daughter is on the mend. After the newborn began struggling to breath days ago, she is “starting to feel like herself again,” wife Alexis Allen wrote on her Instagram Story on Nov. 26. “Zara has been struggling with some brutal symptoms of RSV.” However, she said the infant was weaned off of oxygen for more than 12 hours and has not had a coughing fit in the last 24 hours, though she still requires “frequent suctioning.” Alexis noted, “She is so so strong & is in great hands.” Jimmie also tweeted, “Zara is doing a lot better. She’s off oxygen and breathing on her own. Hopefully she stays like this and can go home soon. Thanks for the well wishes, positive energy and prayer.” Alexis expressed gratitude to her daughter’s pediatrician “for originally diagnosing her on Monday” and to the “EMTs/RT/nurses/doctors” they have come across.


Jimmie Allen is sharing an update on his newborn daughter’s health after facing every parent’s worst nightmare.

The “Best Shot” singer took to social media late Tuesday, Nov. 23, to call out the “lazy doctors” who sent his 5-week-old daughter Zara home as she struggled to breathe. “Attention Doctors,” he began, “if the parent of your one month old patient tells you the child having a hard time breathing and the only thing your lazy self wants to do is check [her] heart and temperature find another career. Your job is to save lives so do it.”

“Now thanks to the lazy doctors at a hospital in TN that just sent our daughter home, our daughter Zara lost color stopped breathing and is being rushed to another hospital,” he continued. “Thanks to the amazing EMT team that brought back Zara’s color she can breath again. Gonna be a rough night.”

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