Jim Jones Explains His Verzuz Tumble: ‘I Did Not Fall Off The Stage’

The Verzuz battle between The LOX and Dipset was filled with memorable moments, such as Jadakiss putting on an MVP performance and the multiple insults both crews hurled at each other. But there was one moment that almost no one saw on the livestream or inside Hulu Theater that night. 

During the early rounds of the Verzuz battle, Jim Jones took a mean fall off the stage. The footage of the incident made its rounds online, and fans had all types of jokes to add to Dipset’s rough night on Tuesday (August 3).  

On Thursday (August 5), Jim Jones took to his Instagram Story to clear up the confusion surrounding his tumble Tuesday night. According to Capo, he went to get a piece off jewelry that fell off of him. 

“For the record, I did not fall off the stage,” he said in the short clip. “My ring flew off my hand and I dove off that muthafucka head first like I was going swimming. I dove! I didn’t fall.” 

Fans aren’t buying the explanation, though. Many of them took to several social media accounts that shared the video and said Jones wasn’t going after anything and actually did fall. Whatever caused Capo to fall led to a classic moment in the long list of Verzuz battles. 

Now that the Verzuz between The LOX and Dipset is in the books, fans are looking forward to the next battle. Missy Elliott’s name has been brought up again amongst social media chatter, but the legendary rapper let fans know it might be some time before she graces the Verzuz stage. 

Missy Elliott Says Fans Have To Wait For Her To Do Verzuz

“Aww I am so Humbly Grateful but I think we will wait later on me,” Missy tweeted. “I just enjoy watching everyone else’s #verzuzbattle Vibing to all of their Classics & what they have done musically for the CULTURE! Respect to all of them last night was Epic btw.” 

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