Jennifer Aniston Changes Her Tune on Whether Ross and Rachel Were On a Break

Jennifer Aniston will always be there for Rachel Green. 

More than two decades after Rachel and Ross’ infamous break debate, the Friends alum is once again weighing in—well, from her character’s side of things, at least. If you’re a fan of the hit ’90s sitcom, you know exactly what we’re referring to: The one where Ross had sex with Chloe, mere hours after he and Rachel took a break. So…were they on a break or weren’t they?

“For the record,” Aniston wrote on Instagram, “we were SO not on a break.”

Except that’s not exactly what you said at the Friends reunion, Jen. When host James Corden asked each of the castmates if Ross and Rachel were on a break, the actress replied, “Absolutely yes.”

Still, it works for a hat slogan. Luckily for fans in the market for some Friends merch, the Emmy winner unveiled just the thing on Instagram. 

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