Jennette McCurdy Reveals What Would Make Her Return to Acting

In her tribute, the Saturday Night Live alum wrote, “We knew Jennette McCurdy as a child star and comedian, but with her memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, the world realized she is also an incredible, brilliant writer who worked her ass off to get to the point where she could take her mom off a pedestal and be real about her experiences growing up with narcissistic parental abuse. She had to find her voice to survive. And what a powerful voice it is!”

The actress continued, “You can see the work Jennette put into therapy to process all she had to endure to write this book, from disordered eating to her mom’s fits of volatility. I love how fair she is in examining their relationship. She doesn’t mince words. I can’t stop recommending this book.”

And now Jenette is writing her second. “I’m literally working on a novel now,” she told E! News. “Just closed the deal. I’m so excited.”

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