Jared Leto Celebrates Turning 50 With Shirtless Photo

Jared Leto sat back with a slice of rainbow cake, but with no shirt, for his 50th birthday.

The actor and Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman gave the camera a thumbs-up for a shirtless snapshot he shared on Instagram Sunday (Dec. 26).

“Thx for all the bday wishes!” he captioned the picture that put his abs on display. The photo might have been taken on the set of his upcoming Sony and Marvel film Morbius, as it happens to capture (what looks like) blood dripping from his mouth.

One top comment on the post spoke for many who saw the picture of a seemingly ageless Leto on their feeds: “how are you 50.”


See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

In a second Instagram update on his birthday, Leto shared a personal family photo: “Me and my mother in Louisiana,” he wrote about the classic black-and-white picture showing his then-pregnant mom. “Born at 2:36 PM Central Time 1971. She made the dress herself. From old draperies.”

Leto recently said he’s written more than 264 new songs during the pandemic. Thirty Seconds to Mars’ last studio album, America, was released in 2018, and it reached the No. 2 spot on the Billboard 200.

See Leto’s birthday portrait below.

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