Inside Aaron Carter’s Rocky Journey After Child Star Success

Asked about his experiences as a young artist being managed (or mismanaged) by adults, he said that his intention was to help others learn from his own experiences.

“I want to make sure that I epitomize being a performer at such a young age, and then growing up and being able to transcend anything negative or anything bad, or even anything good,” he told Cosmo. “That’s what the message is to all of the younger kids: OK, you might get a taste of fame, but what happens when you get a taste of fame, you get a taste of money, and then boom, all of a sudden it drops down? Those true, defining moments happen. And that’s what happened with me.”

He added, “…From 15, 16, 17, [I was] kind of being reckless, or partying, being young, stupid, and then 18 years old, [I was] like, “OK, I’m 18 years old, I have no manager, I have nothing, I have nobody, my parents didn’t teach me how to run my career—what am I gonna do?” Am I gonna try to figure it out? Am I going to try to be normal or something? What’s normal? I’m never going to be normal. This is my normal. What I do is my normal.”

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