Hot 97’s Ebro Walks Back ‘Terrible Joke’ About Tinashe’s ‘Ghetto Ass Name’

Like many Thanksgiving turkeys, Ebro Darden found himself in some hot water on Thursday (November 25). The Hot 97 radio host sat down after Thanksgiving dinner and saw his mentions getting lit up after a tweet featuring a clip of a 2013 Tinashe interview where he made a joke in bad taste regarding the origins of her name.

“Can we point out how light-skinned she is with a ghetto-ass name?” Ebro says in the clip. Co-host Peter Rosenberg then corrects him to say it’s actually an “African name” although he assumes Kachingwe has Nigerian roots when it really stems from Zimbabwe.

Ebro owned up to his ignorant comments on Friday morning (November 26) and apologized for his actions but made sure to clarify he’s still cool with Tinashe.

“Yea this was a terrible joke, we were using the name skit for people to learn her origins,” he wrote while chalking up the L to a skit. “love Tinashe thats my homey still.”

Fans condemned Ebro for his comments in a series of Twitter replies throughout Thanksgiving night and into Friday. The radio host recognized his words from the 2013 resurfaced interview sound “crazy” eight years later.

One fan added, “Okay but rewatching ALL of your interviews with her: the misogyny, disrespect, literal s*xual harassment making everything about s*x, xenophobia cloaked in comedy, and more is simply not okay. She’s more than owed an apology for it ALL. Please do better n learn from it.”

Tinashe is yet to respond to Ebro’s apology. From the 2013 interview until now, Nashe has accomplished a lot in her career and is still just 28. She spoke to HipHopDX earlier this year surrounding 333 about her plans to not slow down just yet.

Tinashe Talks Doja Cat Comparisons & Ex-Boyfriend Effects Of New ‘333’ Album

“I feel like I have this crazy work ethic,” she said. “Maybe one day I’ll want to slow down but I’m really motivated by creating and making new things and I love it. It doesn’t feel like a job necessarily. It feels like I’m more able to share more of my art and get my message out there and I love that. There’s no stopping me for now.”

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