HBO Max Weighs in on Possible Harry Potter TV Show

Harry Potter fans shouldn’t head to Platform 9 and 3/4 just yet.

Despite previous reports suggesting that a live-action Harry Potter series was in the works at HBO Max, the streaming service has made it clear that they aren’t heading back to Hogwarts any time soon. Sarah Aubrey, HBO Max’s head of originals, confirmed the news, telling Variety, “We don’t have a series in active development right now.”

Now, before you drown your sorrows in a butterbeer, Aubrey hinted that HBO Max hasn’t ruled out creating additional Harry Potter content. 

“There’s nothing like a Harry Potter fan,” Aubrey shared, “in terms of their endless appetite for storytelling and new ways of interacting with these characters. So whether it’s the reunion or live events or games, we’re very much in the business of creating new content for those fans and thinking what to do next.”

In short, don’t put away your house robes just yet.

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