Get to Know 11 Olympic Couples Who Brought Their Love to the Tokyo Games

In the game of love, these Olympic couples have struck gold. 

With the Tokyo Games now well underway, we’d wager that Olympic enthusiasts like ourselves have already felt all the feels. From historic wins to inspiring stories and some seriously mind-blowing athleticism, this year’s Games has delivered—and there’s still an entire week left!

Noticeably absent, however, are the athletes’ loved ones cheering from the stands. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most families to watch the from home, except for a small handful of Olympic athletes whose significant others also qualified for the Games. 

Take Team USA fencers and married couple Lee Kiefer and Gerek Meinhardt for example, who remained unwavering in their support of each other when Gerek was eliminated early on and Lee made history as the first American woman to win the gold in individual foil. 

“Wanted to let you all know that I’m doing okay and have appreciated all the encouragement!” Gerek shared on Instagram after losing, while adding in a separate post, “My wife just made my Olympic dream complete @leetothekiefer. Words can’t describe how bad she wanted this, how hard she worked, or how proud of her I am.”

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