Flavor Flav Says Dr. Dre’s Upcoming Album Is ‘Getting Ready To Come Out’ — & He’s On It

Dr. Dre has been working on an album for years now, and many are hoping it’s the nearly mythical Detox project. After suffering a brain aneurysm in January amid his divorce from Nicole Young, the hardworking producer got right back to the studio.

Over the last several months, multiple Hip Hop legends have visited Dr. Dre’s musical compound and raved about what they heard — from Grandmaster Flash to Diamond D.

Now, another notable name has been added to the list — Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav. Speaking to the Wild Ride! with Steve-O podcast, the colorful hype man and multi-instrumentalist revealed he’d just been at Dr. Dre’s house and the highly anticipated album is imminent.

“I was just at Dr. Dre’s house a week and a half ago,” Flav says. “One of the best people in the world, man. Not only that, but I’m honored for him to have me record something at his house for his upcoming album that’s getting ready to come out. That’s big to me, man. C’mon. Flavor Flav on a Dr. Dre album? Man. Word. That’s big to me, bro.”

On August 1, Grandmaster Flash shared a photo of himself with Dr. Dre to the official Furious 5 Instagram account and revealed Dre played him the project.

“GRANDMASTER FLASH & DR. DRE,” he wrote in the caption. “Here in LA doing the Disco Oasis with Nile Rogers tonite, I get a call from one of my heroes he invites me to the CRIB.

“He takes me down to the STUDIO he played me a project that will change the game!! Totally incredible, we top off the day for 2hrs talkin’ about Music, Family Health and Life thanks for the Invite Dr Dre.”

Less than two weeks later, Diggin’ In The Crates OG Diamond D shared an Instagram photo of himself with Dr. Dre in the studio, indicating he’d just heard some previously unreleased material, as well. He also tagged longtime Dre collaborator Xzibit and producer Focus…

“@drdre played about 2hrs of straight unreleased heat rocks for me and @xzibit today,” he wrote in the caption. “#ondeck shouts out to @focus3dots.”

In February, a snippet of new music from Dr. Dre leaked online, although it’s unsure where it will live or if it will even be released.

Dr. Dre Plays More Mythical Music For Another Hip Hop Legend

During an Instagram Live session, longtime Aftermath Entertainment affiliate DJ Silk played a roughly two-minute segment of the unmastered track featuring KXNG Crooked. Dre touched on his pending divorce from Nicole Young and made a reference to his time at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center.

“(Bitch) Trying to kill me with them lies and that perjury, I see you trying to fuck me while I’m in surgery,” he rapped. “In ICU, death bed, on some money shit/Greedy bitch, take a pick, girl you know how money get … You know we don’t tolerate that nonsense, by any means get your hand up out my pocket/This life is private just like the pilot, it’s been decided, this the Poseidon.”

The hook revolved around a melodic “Fuck that shit” then Crooked comes in with, “Tin man shit, your music lack heart/Thought it was voodoo, we making magic with this black art.” Unsurprisingly, it was quickly scrubbed from the internet.

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