Elizabeth Olsen Shares the Totally Embarrassing But Relatable Thing She Did As a Kid

Elizabeth Olsen may come from a famous family, but she’s still incredibly relatable.

Case in point: She just confirmed that she also did that embarrassing thing where you pretend to be in a movie with your crush. As she told W Magazine, her celebrity crush while growing up was Frank Sinatra, so naturally, she “would do scenes with him in my bathroom.”

While the Wandavision actress didn’t elaborate on the plot of those daydreams, she went into more detail regarding her prior infatuation with George Clooney, who filled the Sinatra-shaped hole in her heart. “[Those scenes] turned into scenes with George Clooney as I got older and I realized Frank Sinatra was an old man,” she recalled. “I was like, Well, maybe if I get older, I can at least work with George Clooney, as his daughter’s friend or something, and then we have a thing.”

Of course, unlike most people, she’s actually an actress now and has starred opposite numerous handsome stars, including Paul Bettany.

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