Editor’s Pick: Jae K’s ‘Dahan’ Ft. Just Hush Does Sultry Right

Filipino artist Jae K’s “Dahan” (Slow) featuring Just Hush, at its core, is a mood-based trap single that delivers the same “I want you, but I won’t be too obnoxious about it” sensuality that made the likes of Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t” a mega hit.

There’s the yearning, of course, plainly articulated and not forced (i.e., no food-based comparisons or ridiculous metaphors that seem to plague Tagalog trap or alternative R&B’s lyrical content these days). NEXXFRIDAY’s production is understated—nothing too flashy, and both Jae K and Just Hush’s vocals glide over nicely; the former’s fuller, the latter’s between gentle and almost unaffected, every pause and drag serving its purpose.

“Dahan” is the follow-up to “Please You” from April this year. Jae K started putting out music in 2019 with his debut “High” and was followed by three songs in 2020, all via WAYBETTR.

Watch the Justin Naguit visual below:

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