Drakeo The Ruler Arrested On Instagram Live After His Uber Driver’s Stopped For Tinted Windows

Los Angeles, CA – Drakeo The Ruler was arrested on Sunday (August 22) after his Uber driver was reportedly pulled over for tinted windows. The Los Angeles native shared the interaction to his Instagram Live as the situation unfolded.

In the clip, an officer is warning Drakeo if he doesn’t step out of the vehicle, they’re going to “do what they have to do” to get him out of the car before threatening him with jail.

Noticeably frustrated, Drakeo says, “This is crazy, bro. What the fuck is going on bro? What did I do? Y’all pulling over my Uber driver. What is going on?”

After another officer  orders him out of the car, he shouts, “Why are y’all pulling me over!? He said he pulled him over for tinted windows. This is an Uber driver, yo! This has nothing to do … what is he talking about? This shit is crazy, bro. What are we dealing with, bro?”

That’s when the officer makes it apparent Drakeo’s child is in the car and says he’s going to take him out of the car to which Drakeo says, “What is going on, bro? What the fuck is going on right now bro?” Then, two masked officers start to put him in handcuffs as Drakeo screams, “What are y’all doing, bro!? I’m on Live!”

Details on Drakeo The Ruler’s arrest were initially scarce, but reporter Jeff Weiss tweeted about the incident shortly after it happened and suggested the Los Angeles Police Department had been keeping tabs on him since his November 2020 prison release.

“If you don’t think the LA Sheriff’s and the LAPD have been watching Drakeo’s every move and IG story since he came home — and listening to every song — I have a tunnel on 2nd Street to sell you,” he wrote. “Who ever heard of someone getting pulled over on a Sunday morning at 11 a.m. with their toddler son, while riding in the back of an Uber, WHOSE ONLY VISIBLE CRIME WAS HAVING TINTED WINDOWS? It would be ridiculous if it wasn’t so glaringly sinister.” 
Thankfully for Drakeo The Ruler, his jail stint was short-lived. In the wee hours of Monday morning (August 23), Weiss tweeted he was “out on bail.”

Drakeo was found not guilty of murder and attempted murder in July 2019 but was kept in jail due to two gang-related charges that relied on the assumption his Stinc Team rap collective constituted a gang.

The jury was hung 10-2 and 7-5 for acquittal on the gang-related charges, but the District Attorney’s office opted to retry Drakeo for those charges, holding him for a year in jail without bail. Despite the acquittal on the murder and attempted murder charges, he was still facing life in prison if convicted.

Drakeo The Ruler Still Facing Life In Prison Following Murder Acquittal

But on November 2, 2020, he was offered an unexpected plea deal for time served from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office and he was released two days later. The plea came just one day after L.A. County DA Jackie Lacey’s failed bid for re-election.

Why he was arrested has yet to be disclosed, but the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department website does classify his arrest as a felony and shows his bail had been set at $35,000. His next court date is scheduled at Long Beach Superior Court on December 23.

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