Dave Grohl, Lindsey Buckingham & More Featured on Halsey’s ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’ Album

The Oscar- and Grammy-winning producers are spearheading the production of the 13-song project, whose official track list Halsey unveiled earlier this month (sans credits to the additional musicians). According to Spin‘s review of the album, Grohl provides drums for “Honey,” while Sitel plays guitar on “You Asked for This” and Buckingham lends his acoustic talents on “Darling.” Palladino and Riggins, who were respectively the bassist and drummer of D’Angelo’s band, join forces once more for “Lilith.”

The album’s hourlong accompanying film experience, which Halsey wrote and Colin Tilley directed, premiered Wednesday in IMAX theaters and will have its global theatrical release Saturday, one day after the album is out.

See NIN’s announcement below.

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