Daniel Omens And Florist Deliver Top-Tier Hip Hop Beat Work In ASEAN Music Showcase Festival Set

Last week’s ASEAN Music Showcase Festival (AMS) brought together 28 music acts from seven ASEAN countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. One of the festival’s most compelling acts is Omens Radio, who performed on Saturday, September 11.

Represented by Phnom Penh-based producers Daniel Omens and Florist, the two run through a 13-track electronic set, ranging from trance and ambient to dub and drill. The AMS performance spotlights Cambodia’s thriving music scene, a heartening sign that sees club culture permeate practically everywhere; but more importantly, how it exemplifies the role of producers and DJs in hip hop—and brilliantly at that. Bravo.

Watch Omens Radio’s set below:

[embedded content]

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