BLACKPINK’S Lisa Wanders Deserted Streets in New ‘Lalisa’ Video Teaser: Watch

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is set to make her solo debut on Sept. 10, and as such, is giving fans new teasers from her upcoming single album, Lalisa.

Lisa’s new teaser, which arrived Tuesday (Sept. 7), features scenes cut together from her “Lalisa” video. The first scenes fade in and out of technicolor as the singer walks down a deserted alleyway in platform booties. In the next scene, Lisa strolls down a hallway in a stone building in a sparkling, floor-length ballgown. The next trio of scenes flash in quick succession, featuring Lisa surrounded by two girls in an elevator, another scene of her grasping the handles of a motorcycle, and a head-on shot of her posing before the camera in a bejeweled headpiece. The teaser concludes with the single’s name in white lettering.

The new teaser comes two days after Lisa and BLACKPINK shared the official track list for Lalisa in a poster reveal on Sunday (Sept. 5) on their social media account. The project is set to feature the title track, “Lalisa,” and “Money.” The single album will also feature instrumental versions of each song.

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