Anuel AA Dedicates Heartbreaking New Song to Ex Karol G on What Would’ve Been Their Anniversary

Although reports surfaced that Anuel and Karol decided to go their separate ways in March, the two didn’t address the speculation until April.

During an Instagram Live, Anuel confirmed that he and the Colombian singer had called off their engagement.

“The truth is that we’re not together,” the Latin trap artist said in a since-deleted post, per Billboard. “The times that people have seen us together is because we still love each other. We tried to recover what was lost but we took our different paths. May God bless her and that she continues to achieve her dreams and goals.”

He added, “There’s no negativity between us. We have a great relationship.”

According to Billboard, the “Tusa” singer also addressed their split on Instagram Stories, sharing, “For many years we tried to keep our relationship away from social media to take care of it.”

“The incredible things that happened to us as people and artists was a blessing and the result of a beautiful love that arrived in our lives when we most needed it,” she continued. “I love you, Emmanuel, my gratitude towards you, your family, and everything we lived, grew, and learned together is infinite.”

Anuel isn’t the only one to reference their love story. Karol released her KG0515 album earlier this year and hinted at how their romance blossomed on the “Ay DiOs Mío” track.

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