Anne Hathaway Recalls Overcoming “Hathahate” in Moving Speech

Despite the cruelty of the comments, she didn’t let them define her.

“When it happened to me, I realized that this wasn’t it. This wasn’t the spot,” The Devil Wears Prada alum continued. “When what happened, happened, I realized I had no desire to have anything to do with this line of energy. On any level. I would no longer create art from this place. I would no longer hold space for it, live in fear of it, nor speak its language for any reason. To anyone. Including myself.”

And she has a message for any haters. “Because there is a difference between existence and behavior,” she added. “You can judge behavior. You can forgive behavior or not. But you do not have the right to judge—and especially not hate—someone for existing. And if you do, you’re not where it’s at.” 

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