Anitta Accepts the #WildSideChallenge & Cardi B Approves

“OMMMMGGG SHE SO GOOD,” Cardi says after the Brazilian pop star takes on Normani’s choreography.

A new competitor has entered the ring in the #WildSideChallenge: the girl from Rio herself.

Anitta posted a video Tuesday (Aug. 10) to her Instagram story doing the trendy choreography for Normani’s song “Wild Side,” featuringĀ Cardi B. And guess what? CardiĀ approves.

The #WildSideChallenge started trending on social media after the song’s release July 16, raking up 15.6 million views for the hashtag on TikTok so far. Those who wish to participate can perform a chunk of Normani’s energetic choreography from the “Wild Side” music video over a snippet of the song.

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