Amber Rose Explains Why the “Pain Cuts So Deep” After Alexander Edwards Admits to Cheating

While Amber didn’t identify Alexander in her message, he later addressed the accusations during an Instagram Live with DJ Big Von on his PST show.

“I thought, ‘S–t, I got caught.’ I got caught before, you know what I’m saying? And she’s just had enough, obviously,” he said on Thursday, Aug. 19. “I love her, though. That’s my best friend, the mother of my son. I love [Sebastian], my stepson, too. But…I like women.”

“At the end,” he went on. “I don’t think anybody can be happy or successful if you’re not truly yourself, whether other people understand it or blame you for it…It’s just who I am, and it’s not how she wants to be loved.”

He added, “She had enough. But at the end of the day, I’m me.”

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