Abbie Herbert Shares the Stressful Part of Pregnancy After Miscarriage

She sees the ability to move that particular needle “in hopes that people can see that it’s not this taboo thing” as the silver lining of a horrific experience. That, and the baby boy she and Josh will welcome next spring. 

“Josh’s mom had two miscarriages before him and we’re like, if those hadn’t happened, he wouldn’t be here,” she explained of their ability to take an everything-happens-for-a-reason stance. “So we look at it like, if that didn’t happen, maybe our son wouldn’t be here. We know it’s meant to be.”

As they shared on their Who Wears The Pants podcast, the newest addition to their YouTube channel, they’ve already picked out a “J” name and are actively collecting advice on how to navigate the whole two under 2 situation. 

“I’m just going with it,” she joked, adding she’s started paying close attention to other social media personalities with multiple young kids and leaning heavily on her recently retired nurse mom. While Poppy (or Poot, as she calls her on TikTok) “loves her cousins, loves other children and loves babies,” she anticipates a bit of jealousy ahead. 

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