50 Cent Teases TV Series About Jailed Scammer Ray Hushpuppi

50 Cent has indicated that the next project in his growing film and television empire may be centered around influencer-turned-scammer Ray Hushpuppi.

Following news that Hushpuppi had been sentenced to 11 years in prison for his role in an international fraud ring, 50 Cent shared a photo of the disgraced social media star.

“For my scammers I gotta do this one, Hushpuppy series coming soon!,” he captioned the photo. “GLG GreenLightGang i don’t miss.” Check out 50 Cent’s instagram post below.

Ray Hushpuppi’s rise and fall already reads like something out of a movie. The Nigerian native, born Ramon Abbas, built a massive social media following by sharing photos and video of his lavish lifestyle.

According to BBC News, Hushpuppi’s now deactivated Instagram account once boasted as many as 2.8 million followers. Authorities say that his social media posts made it clear that the life of luxury which he flaunted online was funded by the fact that he was “one of the most prolific money launderers in the world.”

In court documents, Don Alway, assistant director of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office stated that “Abbas leveraged his social media platforms… to gain notoriety and to brag about the immense wealth he acquired by conducting business email compromise scams, online bank heists and other cyber-enabled fraud that financially ruined scores of victims and provided assistance to the North Korean regime.”

Ray Hushpuppi pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to engage in money laundering, and aggravated identity theft, after he was indicted for attempting to rob a business person of $1.1 million in 2021. The funds were allegedly intended to finance a school in Qatar.

He also confessed to “several other cyber and business email compromise schemes that cumulatively caused more than $24 million in losses,” the U.S. Justice Department revealed at the time of his indictment.

In addition to his 11 year sentence, Ray Hushpuppi has also been ordered to repay two of his victims to the tune of $1,732,841. He maintains that he only pocketed $300,000 from the scam he was initially indicted for.

Following the success of the fictional crime world depicted in his hit STARZ franchise, Power, 50 Cent has been on a role with true-crime inspired content.

Despite having severed ties with STARZ in September, BMF — his second successful series for the network — is now readying its second season. A companion project to the show, The BMF Documentary:Blowing Money Fastpremiered on October 28.

50 Cent Teams Up With DJ Envy For ‘Property Players’ Reality Series

Last month also saw the arrival of 50 Cent’s first scripted podcast in the form of Surviving El Chapo: The Twins Who Brought Down a Drug Lord. The podcast, which is now streaming on all platforms, is based on the real-life story of Chicago-born identical twins Peter and Jay Flores who were responsible for taking down the infamous Mexican crime boss, Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, aka El Chapo.

His latest offering in the true crime space is the docu-series Hip-Hop Homicides which debuted on A&E on November 3.

In the midst of launching these three projects, 50 Cent also inked a deal with Lusid Media for a three-project partnership. Details of the partnership and financial numbers have not yet been revealed but the first film project will be an unscripted crime drama coming to Peacock next year.

“I am excited by the kind of stories we’re going to be bringing to life together, and can’t wait for the first project to reach Peacock next year,” 50 Cent said. “G-Unit Film & Television continues to go from strength-to-strength, and this partnership with Lusid is another great collaboration for the team.”

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